Pre & Postnatal Massages

Pre & Postnatal Massages

Therapeutic massages have been used for ages and usually were aimed at improving the overall health, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension.

On the other hand, massages during pregnancy (prenatal massages) and the postnatal ones have often received dual reception both from the health community regarding their safety and from women. However, contemporary investigations and researches have shown that pre and postnatal massage therapy sessions can be a decisive pregnancy-safe ingredient in women’s prenatal care. All modern salons employ this type of therapeutical massages…
Although most massage training institutions offer courses on massage therapy for women who are pregnant, it is best to find a massage therapist who is not just certified but has a practical experience…

All of our salon’s masseurs work with both pre and postnatal massages, which as our customers say contribute greatly to their overall health and wellbeing!

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Service Cost: $99.00
Duration:  1h 20m

Do you feel, like your work/family life balance hangs in the air and you just don't feel energized enough to carry on?

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What our happy customers say:

Man rarely acknowledge how much they love to get a massage… But I want to say, that without my afterwork Friday massage sessions here, my productivity would’ve been so much lower…

Rhode Gentlebear

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